Holes is a decade old

<i>Holes</i> is a decade old

Today is the ten year anniversary of Holes, by Graham Allen, a work of electronic literature which New Binary Press is increasingly proud to publish.

The occasion will be marked in two ways: firstly, a new frontend for the piece will be revealed, and secondly, a limited edition print volume of the work’s first decade of 3,650 lines will be published. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Holes is not a marathon act of poetic will. It is, rather, an attempt to take a new turn on the phrase “a life in poetry”. It is now a decade-long testament to the idea that poetry helps us think and remember. After ten years the core metaphor now stands crystal clear, Holes is a mirror made of holes, something that might allow you to see yourself more clearly if you commit to its reading.

Since its first publication, and with every weekly refreshment, Holes demonstrates the game changing immediacy that digital literature affords those writers willing to embrace it. Now, on its tenth anniversary, we believe it is possible to say that Holes is one of the most important examples of digital poetry.

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