Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland

<i>Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland</i>

New Binary Press is delighted to announce the publication of John Barber’s Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland.

Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland remembers and recalls the nearly 3,600 men, women, and children killed during the Troubles.


O Absalom! Central to our act of faithful memory is the naming of the dead. John Barber’s Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland recites the full list from the Time of Troubles. Each name is then recorded on the screen, making a carpet of permanence in the darkness. A powerful and stunning piece.

M. D. Coverley (author of Califia and Egypt: The Book of Going Forth by Day)

Any writer listening for the dead to speak, can only hear them with an open heart. John Barber has such a heart, and it beats authentically throughout his work Remembering the Dead as John catalogues the horrific human loss of the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Michael J. Maguire (author of Promise and Bob Casio’s Dead Cameraman)

John F. Barber’s scholarship, teaching, and creative endeavors focus on intersections among Digital Humanities, computer technology, and media art, particularly sound+radio art. He maintains Radio Nouspace, a curated listening gallery/virtual museum for sound featuring historical and experimental radio+audio drama, radio+sound art, sound poetry, and experimental music. His work has been broadcast internationally, and featured in juried exhibitions in America, Canada, Germany, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, and Portugal.